Alternative provision academies

Documents and guidance for pupil referral units converting to alternative provision (AP) academies.

Guidance, model documents and forms for AP academies.


Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and AP academies

PRUs which were part of a closed Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contract will need to complete additional documents and make amendments to their funding agreement and articles of association. This extra work means the conversion is likely to take at least 6 months.

Land transfers

These documents aim to make it easier to sort out land arrangements for PRUs converting to AP academy status. All PRUs should complete the land questionnaire as early as possible; PRUs based over multiple sites should fill in separate questionnaires for each site.

Commercial transfer agreement

This document should be agreed with the local authority or trust before the academy opens. It records all the staff transferring from a school to an academy so that the appropriate arrangements for payment of salaries and pension contributions can be made. It also lists any assets or contracts that will transfer to the academy trust, and any that are not included.

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Published 19 November 2013