ACMD inquiry reports

This series brings together all documents relating to ACMD inquiry reports

The Advisory Council, through its prevention working group, carries out in-depth inquiries into aspects of drug use that are causing particular concern in the UK, with the aim of producing considered reports that will be helpful to policy makers, practitioners, service providers and others.

These inquiry reports set out a summary of the Advisory Council’s findings and a series of recommendations for government and others. It is usual for the government to then publish a formal response.

The most recent inquiry reports published by the Advisory Council are:


  1. AMCD inquiry: 'Hidden harm' report on children of drug users

    • Research and analysis
  2. ACMD: Pathways to Problems

    • Research and analysis
  3. ACMD hepatitis C report (2009)

    • Corporate report
  4. Hidden Harm Three Years On: ACMD Press Release

    • Guidance
  5. Pathways to Problems

    • Corporate report
  6. Ketamine

    • Research and analysis
  7. Hidden Harm: appendices

    • Corporate report
Published 14 June 2011