ACMD correspondence

This series brings together all documents relating to ACMD correspondence.

Correspondence from the ACMD.


  1. ACMD letter to the Home Secretary, December 2014
  2. Ministerial letter to ACMD: advice on tramadol
  3. Temporary class drug order on benzofury and NBOMe compounds - letter from ACMD
  4. ACMD advice on Sativex
  5. Home Secretary request for ACMD advice on foil (2012)
  6. ACMD further advice on foil, 2013
  7. The Government's response to the ACMD's further advice on synthetic cannabinoids and advice on methoxetamine and related compounds as well as O-desmethyltramadol.
  8. Advisory Council on the Misuse of drugs: Advice on O-desmethyltramadol (2012)
  9. Statement of evidence: methoxetamine
  10. ACMD open meeting March 2012
  11. ACMD letter on further advice on the classification of two steroidal substances
  12. ACMD: consideration of the use of foil as an intervention, to reduce the harms of heroin and cocaine (December 2011)
  13. ACMD anabolic steroids advice, 2011
  14. ACMD advice on phenazepam
  15. Letter to the Home Secretary concerning government priorities
  16. Statement on chair's position and new council membership
  17. ACMD letter on Sativex
  18. Letter from Professor Les Iversen to Professor Sir John Beddington
  19. ACMD advice on 'Ivory Wave'
  20. Khat review: letter from Professor Iversen on the review of the harms of khat
  21. Khat review: letter from James Brokenshire to Professor Iverson, October 2010
  22. ACMD letter to Home Secretary on cocaine, February 2010
  23. ACMD letter on mixing of medicines in clinical practice, July 2010
  24. ACMD letter on amineptine - July 2010
  25. ACMD letter on tapentadol, July 2010
  26. Four new appointments to ACMD
  27. Joint letter to ACMD from the Home Office and the Department of Health
  28. Home Secretary letter to ACMD
  29. ACMD letter to the Home Secretary, March 2009
  30. ACMD: Pathways to Problems
  31. ACMD letter to the Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, about cocaine misuse, February 2010
  32. ACMD letter to Home Secretary: Mephedrone (and related cathinones)
  33. ACMD letter to the Home Secretary on the consideration of oripavine
  34. Letter to minister- temporary banning Power and ACMD Constitution, 2010
  35. ACMD letter to the Home Office: MDMA review, 2008
  36. ACMD advice on steroids to ministers
  37. Home Office cannabis classification review request 2007
Published 22 July 2013