Case study

The Met Office

The climate services provider has reduced its gender pay gap as part of its support of Think, Act, Report.

The Met Office is a world leader in providing weather and climate services. Itis recognised as one of the world’s most accurate forecasters, using more than 10 million weather observations, an advanced atmospheric model and a high performance supercomputer to create 3,000 tailored forecasts and briefings a day.

In 2012 it launched the diversity declaration to enable them to better understand the diversity of their employees. Since then, it has reduced its gender pay gap from 10.1% to 9.2%. In 2009 the Met Office launched the Women’s Network, a forum whose main aim is to provide a network for all staff, irrespective of gender, to consider and discuss matters affecting women at work. As at 30 September 2012, 38% of Met Office employees are women.

Published 12 July 2013