Case study

Gordon Murray: Formula One design comes to mass car production

A business set up by a former Formula One technical director is taking innovative racing car design to the traditional factory floor.

Gordon Murray
Professor Gordon Murray

The future of car manufacture

Gordon Murray Design: the future of car manufacture

Materials design and engineering business Gordon Murray Design is working with major motor manufacturers to supply its innovative manufacturing technology iStream®.

The company’s technology allows car manufacturing to be set up with 80% lower investment than a traditional vehicle plant and for vehicles to be produced using 60% less energy.

The system is highly flexible and allows a standard platform to quickly and effectively deliver different vehicle types and model variants.

Business has grown from 7 to 110 staff

The company, launched in 2007 with eight employees – including founder, car designer and former Formula One technical director Professor Gordon Murray – and now employs 110 people. It is working with a number of manufacturers to apply iStream® technology to new vehicle designs.

Innovate UK helped launch Gordon Murray Design and has continued to support the materials research and development necessary to make iStream® a reality.

Published 25 October 2016