Case study

Amfax: laser technology improves quality control

Test systems provider develops laser technology to vastly improve quality control of electronic circuit boards without an increase in costs.

Amfax a 3Di

Test systems solution provider Amfax has developed a unique scanning technology that offers manufacturers tighter quality control without an increase in costs.

The Amfax system massively outperforms competitor technology for the same cost and could see its use expand from electronics manufacturing to other industries such as semiconductors.

The increasingly small size of circuit boards has made traditional inspection systems less reliable.

Traditional systems compare images of newly manufactured circuit boards to a reference image. As circuits become more densely packed and components smaller, it becomes difficult to identify any error smaller than a missing component using this method.

System uses lasers to check components

Amfax’s a3Di (automatic 3D inspection) system uses lasers to pinpoint the position of each component and joint to within five micrometres.

The technology was developed with help from Innovate UK competition funding for projects investigating ways of manufacturing the electronic systems of the future.

An Asia-Pacific hard disc manufacturer is already using the AMFAX a3Di for quality control in very high volume. Rolls Royce Control Data Service has also purchased one for use with its aero engine control and monitoring electronic boards.

Published 25 October 2016