Case study

Think, Act, Report: BHP Billiton

Monitoring Gender Pay Gap

Action Taken

Experience shows that those items that get measured and disclosed are better understood and acted upon. At BHP Billiton we take gender pay seriously; that is why we review our remuneration by gender on at least an annual basis and report our findings in our Sustainability Report. This ensures the pay gap is kept under constant review throughout the Group and focuses action to address its causes.


Our Daunia fly-in, fly-out coal mine in Queensland was set up in 2013 with specific quotas for female and Indigenous workers. Today, about a quarter of its workforce is female. Over the last five years, the percentage of female senior executives in BHP Billiton has risen from 8% to 17%.

Next Steps

We have recently implemented an Inclusion and Diversity Council, chaired by our CEO, with a representative membership drawn from a cross-section of roles, levels and locations across our Company. Its role is to shape our long-term Inclusion & Diversity Strategy and determine specific actions to accelerate our progress, with a focus on achieving gender equality.

Published 23 May 2016