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Apprentice myth busting: Engineering is just for boys

Dstl engineering apprentice Bethan Warner busts the myth that women don't do engineering

Dstl engineering apprentice Bethan Warner

“Getting an apprenticeship was one of the best things I have ever achieved. The combination of practical hands-on work and classroom-based theory is perfect for me.

I knew I didn’t want to go to university and I knew I wanted to get an apprenticeship – other members of my family started their successful careers as apprentices.

I feel very proud to have started my career as an apprentice, and I like the fact that I’m making a living for myself, earning a good salary, gaining a great work ethic, meeting fantastic new people and learning skills every day.

Two other colleagues and I are a little bit different to the other engineers and apprentices though. Why? We’re women.

I do many Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) events in schools and careers fairs and the majority of children visiting our engineering stalls are boys. I will continue to inspire the younger generation to think about apprenticeships, while confirming that women can do engineering.

On a daily basis, I haven’t had any problems with being a woman in the engineering industry. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown in confidence since having the responsibility of an apprenticeship or maybe it’s because the people I work with realise that I’m no different to my male colleagues.

Man or woman, apprenticeships are the best start for rewarding careers – I really believe they are the way to go.”

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Published 11 March 2015