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Role of biomass in achieving net zero: call for evidence

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This report provides a summary of the analysis of responses received to the call for evidence, and presents key findings.

The findings from the call for evidence informed the development of the Biomass Strategy.

The call for evidence sought information and evidence on how sustainable biomass should be sourced and used to best support our net zero target.

We received 144 responses across 4 topics:

  • supply
  • end uses
  • sustainability
  • innovation

We received information and evidence from:

  • industry
  • academia
  • trade associations and representative groups
  • utilities, asset owners and distributors
  • government and other not for profit organisations
  • other interested parties

Original call for evidence


To inform the development of the upcoming biomass strategy, we're seeking evidence on how sustainable biomass should be sourced and used to best support our net zero target.

This call for evidence ran from

Call for evidence description

This call for evidence aims to strengthen the government’s evidence base around biomass and will contribute to a review of the potential for biomass to support the UK’s net zero target.

Since the 2012 bioenergy strategy, biomass has played a prominent role in our efforts to decarbonise the economy. However, the context within which we use biomass has changed and we should now look system-wide at how and where sustainable biomass can best be used to meet the UK’s net zero target.

Your responses will help inform future policy in this area, and the development of our biomass strategy. We invite evidence and views on:

  • availability of sustainable biomass from domestic and international sources
  • potential end uses to support our net zero target in the context of availability of sustainable biomass feedstocks
  • the sustainability of the supply chain and opportunities for strengthening existing criteria
  • accounting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from biomass use
  • bioenergy with carbon capture and storage technology and its potential applications to deliver negative emissions
  • opportunities for innovation to support wider deployment of technologies with potential to support the net zero target

We would also like to use the call for evidence to identify and build relationships, recognising that the biomass space has changed since we last formally engaged with stakeholders. We welcome views and information from anyone with an interest in biomass, such as:

  • researchers and innovators
  • academics
  • investors
  • growers
  • industry
  • local authorities
  • think tanks

Read the BEIS consultation privacy notice.

Please do not send responses by post to the department at the moment as we may not be able to access them.


Published 20 April 2021
Last updated 10 August 2023 + show all updates
  1. We have published an analysis of the responses to this call for evidence, alongside the Biomass strategy.

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