Going to court to give evidence as a victim or witness

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Expenses for going to court

You can ask for expenses when you go to court as a:

  • prosecution witness - from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)
  • defence witness - from the defence lawyer

Your employer does not have to pay you for your time off work.

Prosecution witnesses

You can claim for expenses from the CPS. There are limits on how much you can claim, but the CPS can pay for things like:

After you’ve been to court, make your claim online.

Defence witnesses

If the court usher does not give you an expenses form, ask the court or the defence lawyer if you’re able to claim expenses for your time in court.

Get help with claiming expenses

Ask the Citizens Advice Witness Service for help.

If you’re a prosecution witness, you can also ask:

  • the court usher
  • a member of CPS staff, like the prosecution lawyer or their paralegal assistant - they’ll meet you when you arrive at court