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Flooding and coastal change - Flood and coastal defence: appraisal of projects

How to get technical and financial approval for your flood and coastal erosion risk management projects or strategies.

Contact your Environment Agency Area Flood and Coastal Risk Manager

Tell them that you are starting your appraisal. With the Area FCRM Manager you can arrange any support you may need from the Environment Agency (EA), such as doing the economic appraisal, and agree a submission date.

The appraisal process

The appraisal process identifies the preferred approach to reduce the risk of flood or coastal erosion. Risk management authorities in England who are involved in flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM) strategies and project appraisals, must follow the process explained in the EA’s appraisal guidance to comply with Defra’s policy statement. It applies to new and on-going FCERM strategies and projects funded by government. This includes maritime local authorities who have coastal erosion responsibilities under the Coast Protection Act 1949.

Read the supplementary technical appraisal guidance

There is additional appraisal guidance for specific tasks that you might carry out during an appraisal, such as adapting to climate change. These documents are available from the EA’s archive website and from GOV.UK.

Complete the templates for technical approval

Choose the correct template for your appraisal:

*A study could create a strategy, a management plan, investigate options for schemes of works, or investigate the environmental impacts of FCERM on an area of statutory environmental designation. See the Grant Memorandum for the full definition.

Check with your EA Area FCRM Manager that your project has the necessary allocation. This could be an indicative allocation of government capital grant, partnership funding or a mixture of both.

Send your appraisal report and application forms to the EA

Send two copies of each form to your Area FCRM Manager either by email or by post. You can submit the copies on a CD. If the cost of the project is less than £100,000, your Area FCRM Manager can approve it. If the cost of the project is £100,000 or more then you may need to attend a technical review meeting.

Attend a technical review meeting

The EA’s Project Assurance Board (PAB) approves projects that cost between £100,000 and £10 million. The EA’s Large Project Review Group (LPRG) approves projects that cost more than £10 million (or if there are significant environmental impacts).

Your project executive or project manager will need to present the proposed project, scheme or study to the LPRG or PAB at one of their monthly meetings and answer any questions they have.

The EA will provide feedback to you immediately if you are attending the technical review meeting or in 2 to 4 weeks if you are not at the meeting. If approved, the EA will recommend the project for financial approval.

Financial approval process

Once approved, in line with the financial scheme of delegation, your Area FCRM Manager will write to you with a grant approval number. You’ll need this to apply for Capital Grant payments.

Coastal erosion (excluding studies) tendering stage

The process is different for coastal erosion work (excluding studies). After technical approval, the project will go on to a tendering stage. To apply for formal grant approval you need to send the CPA2 - Application for formal approval of coast protection project form, together with supporting information (usually in the form of a tender assessment report), to the Area FCRM Manager. They will pass this on to the Director of FCRM and Business Finance for financial approval.

After the tendering stage, your Area FCRM Manager will write to you with a grant approval number. You’ll need this to apply for Capital Grant payments.

Emergency works

Under section 5 (6) of the Coast Protection Act, You don’t need to wait for formal approval from the EA to carry out emergency works. But if you wish to claim capital grant for emergency works you will need to seek both technical and financial approval from your Area FCRM Manager, the Director of FCRM and Business Finance as soon as possible.

If emergency works are required on designated environmental sites, you must seek approval from Natural England. You will not be able to claim capital grant, without this approval.

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