Get financial support as a victim of crime

You can apply for financial help if you have to take time off low-paid work because you’ve been the victim of a violent crime.

You can get help for up to 25 days from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) hardship fund if you’re eligible.

The fund is only for people injured in England and Wales. Find out about support for victims of crime in Scotland and in Northern Ireland.


You can apply if all of the following are true:

  • you were the victim of a violent crime and were mentally or physically injured by your attacker
  • you were injured in England or Wales
  • you were injured on or after 27 November 2012
  • your injuries are not severe enough to qualify for compensation as the victim of a violent crime
  • you earn less than £120 a week on average
  • you do not get Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) or equivalent sick pay scheme run by your employer
  • you could not work for at least 7 consecutive days as a result of the crime
  • you do not have any unspent convictions that resulted in a custodial sentence or community order

If you have other unspent convictions you might not get financial help, or the amount you get might be reduced.

You must report your injuries to the police as soon as you can and normally within 48 hours. CICA must receive your application within 8 weeks of the crime.

How to apply

Contact Victim Support. You’ll need:

  • the unique police crime reference number
  • a doctor’s certificate (fit note) showing you’ve been unable to work for at least 7 consecutive days as a result of the crime
  • a pay slip or letter from your employer showing your average weekly earnings
  • a copy of your most recent tax return if you’re self-employed

Victim Support
Telephone: 0808 1689 111
24-hour service
Open every day, including bank holidays
Find out about call charges

Find out more about the Hardship Fund and Victim Support.