Death and disease

If you think that a horse has a notifiable disease then you must immediately contact your local Animal Health Office.

Fallen stock

If a horse dies or has to be put down on your premises, you will have to arrange its disposal as fallen stock under animal by-products (ABPs) controls.

This includes:

  • entire animal bodies
  • parts of animals
  • products of animal origin
  • other products obtained from animals that are not for human consumption.

You must deal with ABPs promptly to protect people, animals and the environment. In most cases, this will mean arranging for them to be taken away to approved premises, like:

  • rendering plants
  • incinerators
  • collection centres
  • storage plants

Your local council can provide a list of approved premises for the disposal of ABPs.

The National Fallen Stock Scheme is a not-for-profit scheme which helps farmers and animal owners to follow the law on disposing of fallen stock.

National Fallen Stock Scheme helpline
0845 054 8888
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