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1,740 export health certificates

1,740 export health certificates
  1. Export bovine semen to Kuwait: certificate 7122
  2. Export blood and blood products from rabbits to Canada: certificate 5097
  3. Export bovine semen collected after 2005 to Northern Ireland: certificate 2144
  4. Export pig meat from Great Britain to China: certificate 7006GB
  5. Export pig meat from Northern Ireland to China: certificate 7006NI
  6. Export feed additives containing dairy ingredients to Australia: certificate 8545
  7. Export captive birds to Thailand: certificate 3806
  8. Export Porcine blood products for animal consumption to Vietnam: certificate 8011
  9. Export gelatin capsules to the USA: certificate 6626
  10. Temporarily export horses to Saudi Arabia for competitions: certificate: 8536
  11. Export fish and fishery products to Mauritius: certificate 8523
  12. Export of wool fat (lanolin) destined for industrial and cosmetic use to Turkey: certificate 8195
  13. Export dairy products to Tanzania: certificate 8542
  14. Export dairy products to Malawi: certificate 8540
  15. Export dairy products to The Democratic Republic of Congo: certificate 8539
  16. Export dairy products to Cape Verde: certificate 8541
  17. Export day old birds and hatching eggs from chickens, turkeys and ducks to the Philippines: certificate 5309
  18. Export poultry meat and meat products to Ukraine: certificate 5352
  19. Export ovine semen to Brazil: certificate 6506
  20. Export hatching eggs of chickens, turkeys and ducks to Brazil: certificate 489
  21. Export of dairy products derived from milk of cows, ewes, goats and buffaloes to Montenegro: certificate 8537
  22. Export porcine, ovine, caprine and poultry meat and products, excluding fresh pig meat and preparations to Canada: certificate 7068
  23. Export stallions vaccinated against equine viral arteritis to Japan: certificate 3151
  24. Export lab serum from animals to Taiwan: certificate 7777
  25. Export day old poults and turkey hatching eggs to Iran: certificate 2140
  26. Export pigs for breeding to China: certificate 200
  27. Export hatching eggs of chickens, turkeys and ducks to Brazil: certificate 8005
  28. Export day old birds to Japan: certificate 2536
  29. Export fish products to the Eurasian Customs Union: certificate 6419
  30. Export day old birds and hatching eggs from chickens, turkeys and waterfowl to Israel: certificate 304
  31. Export ovine or caprine semen collected before September 2010 to Channel Islands: certificate 7785
  32. Export cats and dogs to The Seychelles: certificate 2932
  33. Export day old ducklings to Indonesia: certificate 7551
  34. Export poultry meat to India: certificate 7514
  35. Export chicken hatching eggs to Indonesia: certificate 7479
  36. Export wildlife birds to Israel: certificate 7381
  37. Export day old chicks, turkey poults and ducklings to Brazil: certificate 7048
  38. Export pet food to Taiwan: certificate 6682
  39. Export day old turkey poults to Kenya: certificate 4788
  40. Export day old chicks to Sri Lanka: certificate 408
  41. Export of beef and beef products to St Vincent and the Grenadines: certificate 8526
  42. Export of animal feed containing milk products with or without fishery products to Vietnam: certificate 7829
  43. Export of bovine meat to New Zealand: certificate 8532
  44. Export beef and beef products to Singapore: certificate 7629
  45. Permanently export horses to Australia: certificate 584
  46. Export alpacas to Qatar: certificate 6981
  47. Export dairy hides and skins to Ethiopia: certificate 8525
  48. Export beef for human consumption to New Caledonia: certificate 8522
  49. Export cats and dogs to St Helena: certificate 3921
  50. Export cats and dogs to Ascension Island: certificate 7268