CLOSED: YEI call in Leicester and Leicestershire LEP area (OC21S16PO450)

Call to run a project which provides additional intensive support within Leicester City to young people aged 15 to 29 who are NEET.

This call is now closed. Please do not submit an application for this call. The information provided on this page is for reference purposes only.


Although NEET levels have fallen from a high of 10.2% in August 2011, there remains a core group of young people within Leicester City who require additional intensive support to access employment, education and training opportunities. The purpose of this call is to procure a range of activity that: provides additional intensive support to young people aged 15-29 who are NEET in Leicester City; and contributes to each of the five specific objectives included within Investment Priority 1.3 of the ESF Operational Programme and also address local issues of need and demand.

For more information, download the call specification..


The project must cover the Leicester City only


Approximately £1,600,000 including YEI of funding is available.


Full application deadline: 18 January 2017

Completion date

The project must be completed no later than 31 August 2018

How to apply

To apply for funding under this call you will need to complete and send the Full Application form to the email address provided in the call document. The guidance provides information to help you complete the form.

You are also advised to read the details in the call documents in order to produce an application that complies with the requirements and meets the needs set out in the Operational Programme. All this information, the related guidance and the European Social Fund Operational Programme can be found from our homepage.

Where to send completed applications

Completed Outline Applications must be submitted to 2014-2020.ESFAPPLICATIONS@DWP.GSI.GOV.UK.

Failure to send completed applications to this email address by the deadline in the call specification will be ineligible for consideration.

What happens next

If your outline application is successful, we’ll contact you and ask you to make a full application.

Contact details

Contact. with queries linked to accessing or using the specification, forms, guidance etc.

No applications are to be sent to this email address. Completed applications must be sent to the email address provided in the ‘Where to send completed applications’ section above / Section 9 of the Call Specification.

Published 29 November 2016
Last updated 19 January 2017 + show all updates
  1. YEI call in Leicester and Leicestershire LEP area (OC21S16PO450) is now closed.
  2. The closing date in the Leicester and Leicestershire LEP call specification (OC21S16PO450) has been amended to 18 January 2017.
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