Sustainable Urban Development (Low Carbon and Environment): call in Greater Birmingham and Solihull (OC12R20S 1048)

Sustainable Urban Development call to run a project to support the shift towards a low carbon economy and preserving and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency in Greater Birmingham and Solihull.


This call is looking to support the shift towards a low carbon economy and preserving and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency and more specifically:

  • Promoting the production and distribution of energy derived from renewable sources
  • Promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy use in enterprises
  • Supporting energy efficiency, smart energy management and renewable energy use in public infrastructure, including public buildings, and the housing sector
  • Promoting low carbon strategies for all types of territories, in particular for urban areas, including promotion of sustainable multimodal urban mobility and mitigation-relevant adaption methods
  • Promoting research and innovation in, and adoption of, low-carbon technologies
  • Protecting and restoring biodiversity and soil and promoting ecosystems services, including through Natura 2000 and green infrastructure.
  • Promoting innovative technologies to improve environmental protection and resource efficiency in the waste sector, water sector and with regard to soil, or to reduce air pollution.

For more information, download the call specification.

Please note regarding eligibility: ERDF uses a fixed method to set hourly rates for staff working part of their time on a project, see section 5 of the ERDF Eligibility Guidance. Rates can be reviewed on an annual basis to reflect changes in wages. Please take this into account when setting your project budget.


Project’s put forward under this call must cover the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership area.


Up to £9,787,000 of funding is available through this call. A minimum value of £250,000 of funding can be applied for.


Outline application deadline: 31 March 2020

Completion date

Projects approved through this call will normally be expected to:

  • Submit a detailed and complete full application within three months of formal selection at outline stage. Projects which fail to meet this deadline may be deselected;
  • Commence delivery within the agreed timescale as stated in the Grant Funding Agreement; and
  • Have completed the delivery of project activity by the end of June 2023.

How to apply

To apply for funding under this call you will need to complete and send the Outline Application form to the email address provided in the call document. The guidance provides information to help you complete the form. The form and guidance can be found here.

Please make sure that you are using the latest version of the form and guidance from our website to submit your application.

You are also advised to read the details in the call documents in order to produce an application that complies with the requirements and meets the needs set out in the Operational Programme. All this information, the related guidance and the European Regional Development Fund Operational Programme can be found from our home page.

You may also find it helpful to see details regarding Technical Assistance projects. Details of these can be found on our website.

What happens next

If your outline application is successful, we’ll contact you and ask you to make a full application.

Contact details

If you have a question, contact

Call reference number: OC12R20S 1048

Published 24 January 2020