Electric bikes: licensing, tax and insurance

Rules in Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, you need a moped licence to ride any electric bike. The bike must also be registered, taxed and insured.

Registering and taxing your bike

To register and tax a bike, complete form V55/4 and send it to DVLA, Swansea SA99 1BE.

You’ll also need to send:

  • £55 registration fee - pay by cheque or postal order, payable to ‘DVLA
  • an insurance certificate or cover note
  • proof of identity

You do not have to pay anything to tax your bike.

Proving your identity

Send in a photocopy of your photocard driving licence to prove your identity.

If you cannot do this, you must send in photocopies of one document that proves your name and another document that proves your address.

Documents you can use to prove your name include:

  • passport
  • marriage certificate
  • decree nisi or absolute
  • birth certificate
  • current UK paper driving licence (not a paper counterpart)

Documents you can use to prove your address include:

  • utility bill from the last 3 months
  • bank or building society statement from the last 3 months
  • medical card
  • Council Tax bill for the current year

If you’re a current DVLA trade plate holder, you can prove your name and address by filling in form V959 - ‘Notification of name and address check’ instead.

Riding your electric bike legally

To legally ride your electric bike, you’ll need to:

  • wear an approved motorbike helmet
  • display the registration mark on the back of the bike (DVLA will send this to you once the bike is registered)
  • have insurance

You cannot ride your electric bike on cycle paths or pavements.

You do not need to get an MOT for your electric bike.

Electric bikes that can be propelled without pedalling

If the electric bike can be electrically propelled without pedalling (a ‘twist and go’ electric bike), it must be type approved. This should have been done by the manufacturer or importer before you bought it. If it’s been type approved, it will have a plate showing its type approval number.