Traineeships and internships

Work experience training programme for young people.

  1. Delivering traineeships through EFA funding

    Information on traineeships for the academic year 2016 to 2017

  2. Employment rights and pay for interns

    Rights for interns and students in the workplace; work experience; work placements; rights to the National Minimum Wage

  3. Find a traineeship

    Apply for a traineeship in England - get ready to work or an apprenticeship

  4. Find an internship

    Use the Graduate Talent Pool to find internships if you're a new or recent graduate in the European Economic Area (EEA)

  5. Participation of young people: education, employment and training

    Statutory guidance for local authorities on their duties relating to the participation of young people in education, employment or training.

  6. Providing quality internships: guidance for employers and interns

    Department for Business, Innovation & Skills supported guidance on running high-quality internship programmes.

  7. Providing supported internships for young people with an EHC plan

    Guidance on how to provide supported internships for young people with special educational needs and an EHC plan.

  8. Recruit an apprentice: uploading traineeship opportunities

    Information to help training organisations upload traineeship opportunities to the new recruit an apprentice service..

  9. Traineeships: training organisations

    Information for training organisations and colleges to determine whether young people might be suitable candidates for a traineeship.

  10. Traineeships: young people

    Information to help you decide whether you might be suitable, and advice on how to get onto a traineeship.