School discipline and exclusions

Behaviour policies and checklists. Advice on managing drugs, exclusions statistics, searching and screening guidance. Using reasonable force.

  1. Behaviour and discipline in schools

    Guidance for school leaders and staff on developing a school behaviour policy, and a checklist of actions to take to encourage good behaviour.

  2. Behaviour and discipline in schools: guide for governing bodies

    Guidance for school governing bodies on their role in creating their school's behaviour policy.

  3. Drugs: advice for schools

    Guidance for school leaders and staff on managing drugs, drug-related incidents within schools and pastoral support for pupils.

  4. Exclusions statistics guide

    How the Department for Education (DfE) publishes permanent and fixed-period exclusions statistics for schools in England.

  5. How Ofsted inspects school exclusions

    Guidance for schools on what to expect when inspectors look at their use of exclusion.

  6. School behaviour and attendance: parental responsibility measures

    Statutory guidance for schools, local authorities and the police on dealing with poor attendance and behaviour in school.

  7. School discipline and exclusions

    Schools can punish (discipline) pupils or exclude them - find out what schools are allowed to do, like search pupils for knives or drugs

  8. School exclusion

    Statutory guidance on the exclusion of pupils from local-authority-maintained schools, academies and pupil referral units.

  9. Searching, screening and confiscation at school

    Guidance explaining the powers schools have to screen and search pupils, and to confiscate items they find.

  10. Use of reasonable force in schools

    Guidance about the use of physical restraint in schools for governing bodies, headteachers and school staff.