Statutory guidance

School exclusion

Statutory guidance on the exclusion of pupils from local-authority maintained schools, academies and pupil referral units.


The School Reform Minister Nick Gibb has removed the current guidance to address some issues with process and we will be issuing updated guidance in due course.

Reviewing bodies (such as governing bodies, independent review panels, management committees, and proprietors) should have regard to the exclusion guidance issued in September 2012 when reviewing exclusion decisions taken between 5 January to 1 February 2015.

Statutory guidance is issued under law, and normally requires schools and local authorities to take account of the guidance that applies to them.

This guidance details the legal responsibilities for those who exclude students from educational settings, including:

  • headteachers
  • local authorities
  • governing bodies
  • academy trusts
  • independent review panel members
  • independent review panel clerks
  • special educational needs experts

It governs the exclusion of pupils from:

  • local-authority maintained schools
  • academies and free schools
  • pupil referral units

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