School admissions

School admissions code and appeals code. Applications, deadlines, appeals and complaints. Guidance on summer-born children.

  1. Academy admission request form for looked-after children

    Form to be used by local authorities requesting that the Secretary of State for Education direct an academy to admit a looked-after child.

  2. Academy admissions

    Information about academy admissions and the role of ESFA.

  3. Academy independent admission appeal panel complaints

    Types of complaints parents and legal guardians can raise with the EFA about academy independent admission appeal panels.

  4. Apply for a primary school place

    Apply for a state primary school place through your local council

  5. Apply for a secondary school place

    Apply for a state secondary school place through your local council

  6. Atypical age admissions letters: funding for local authorities

    Funding allocated to LAs to write to parents and carers of pupils about atypical age admissions in their area.

  7. Fair access protocols in school admissions

    Guidance setting out the principles by which children without a school place are found one as quickly as possible.

  8. Free schools: admission and referral policies

    Guidance and templates to help free schools write their admission and referral policies.

  9. In-year variation for admissions

    Request for a variation in admission arrangements during the September 2017 to 2018 academic year.

  10. Objection to school admission arrangements

    Form required to object to the schools adjudicator regarding a school's admission arrangements.

  11. School admissions appeals code

    Statutory guidance on how schools should organise and run their pupil admissions appeals.

  12. School admissions code

    Statutory guidance that schools must follow when carrying out duties relating to school admissions.

  13. Schools Adjudicator: make an objection, appeal or referral

    Forms and guidance for objecting to a school's admission arrangements; how schools can appeal against local authority decisions.

  14. Schools admissions

    Get a place for your child at a primary or secondary school - applications, deadlines, admission criteria, appeals and complaints

  15. Schools admissions: applications from overseas children

    What local authorities, local-authority-maintained schools and academies need to know about foreign nationals applying to attend a state-funded school.

  16. Secretary of State direction to admit a child to an academy

    Form to be used by local authorities for requesting that the Secretary of State for Education direct an academy to admit a child.

  17. Statistics: admission appeals

    Statistics on appeals against admission decisions in primary and secondary schools.

  18. Statistics: school applications

    Statistics on secondary and primary school applications, including details of offers parents receive on National Offer Day.

  19. Statistics: school capacity

    Statistics on the numbers of filled and unfilled primary and secondary school places in England, including forecasts of pupil numbers.

  20. Summer-born children: school admission

    Guidance about school admissions for children born in the summer.