Local authority schools financial reporting and assurance

Financial management and efficiency, reporting frameworks, identify potential fraud, assurance guidance.

  1. Compare your school's budget: financial benchmarking

    Benchmarking allows you to check how your school’s finances compare with other similar schools.

  2. Consistent financial reporting (CFR) framework

    A framework to help schools to collect information about their income and expenditure.

  3. Dedicated schools grant assurance: guidance for local authorities

    How to complete and return the chief financial officer's annual assurance statement to the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

  4. Improving efficiency in schools

    Document providing information on the available data on schools’ expenditure.

  5. Improving financial efficiency with curriculum planning

    Information for schools highlighting the potential benefits of curriculum planning to achieve greater financial efficiency.

  6. Indicators of potential fraud: learning institutions

    Information for academies, 16 to 19 providers and other learning institutions to help them identify potential fraud.

  7. Instructions for financial reporting on the Section 251 financial data collection 2012 to 2013

    Instructions and guidance for financial reporting on the Section 251 financial data collection covering the funding period 2012 to 2013.

  8. Maintained schools with sixth-form funding: assurance guidance

    Education and Skills Funding Agency guide for local authorities on assurance for maintained schools with sixth-form funding.

  9. Schemes for financing schools

    Statutory guidance for local authorities on producing and amending school financing schemes.

  10. Schools financial efficiency: a guide to getting started

    Information for schools about how to develop an approach that achieves greater financial efficiency.

  11. Schools financial efficiency: metric tool

    A tool to provide schools in England with an indication of their efficiency compared with similar schools.

  12. Schools financial efficiency: top 10 planning checks for governors

    Information for school and academy governors to help make sure schools manage their resources efficiently.

  13. Schools financial efficiency: training and peer support

    Information about organisations that offer schools support with financial management.

  14. Schools financial value standard (SFVS) and assurance

    Guidance to help schools and local authorities complete the annual schools financial value standard (SFVS) and assurance forms.

  15. Section 251 documents

    Documents to help local authorities comply with section 251 of the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009.

  16. State-funded boarding schools: managing boarding provision

    How state-funded boarding schools should manage and charge for the boarding provision they offer.