If you need to retake your test

If the court told you that you must take another driving test before driving again, you’ll have to apply for a new provisional licence.

You can drive as soon as your ban is over and you’ve passed the tests you need to take.

How to get a new licence

  1. DVLA will send you a reminder 56 days before your disqualification ends - use this to apply for a new provisional driving licence. If you did not get a reminder, order an application form instead. Order form D1 for a car and motorbike licence or form D2 for a lorry and bus licence.

  2. Book and take a theory and practical test (or compulsory basic training and motorcycle practical test if you ride a motorcycle). Book and take an extended practical test if the court told you to take one. The extended practical test lasts at least 60 minutes and has higher fees.

  3. When you’ve passed the practical test, ask the examiner to arrange for your new licence to be sent to you - you can legally drive as soon as you’ve passed the practical test.

If you want to drive a large vehicle (category C) or a bus (category D) the local traffic commissioner must agree - DVLA will ask them when you apply for your new full licence.

There’s a different process in Northern Ireland.

If you’ve got a licence from an EU country

Do not apply for a provisional licence - you can use your EU driving licence to take the test instead.

Follow the usual rules for learning to drive until you retake your test and pass.