Suspension from work

When a disciplinary issue is being looked into you might be suspended from work. This does not happen very often. If it does it should normally be with pay and you should be told why you’re being suspended.

Employment contracts

You can be suspended without pay if your employment contract says your employer can do this, but they must be acting reasonably.

If your employment contract does not say your employer can do this, your employer may still be able to suspend you, but with pay. To show that it’s not a punishment the suspension will normally be on full pay.

Employment rights when suspended

You keep your employment rights while suspended. If you do not get the right pay you may be able to make a claim to an employment tribunal for ‘unlawful deduction from wages’.

Talking to other employees, customers and/or suppliers

If you’re suspended, you might be told not to talk to other employees, customers and/or suppliers. If this means you cannot defend yourself properly at a disciplinary hearing, you could make an appeal.

But if you’ve been asked not to talk and you do, your employer might decide to take further disciplinary action against you.