After the ballot

You’ll usually find out the result of the vote 48 hours after the ballot closes.

For a union to be derecognised the majority of those voting, and at least 40% of the workers in the bargaining unit, must vote in favour of ending the bargaining arrangements.

The Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) will declare the union as derecognised or will refuse the application for derecognition.

Paying for the ballot

The employer and the union will each receive a demand from the qualified independent person (QIP) for their share of the cost of running the ballot.

This must be paid in 15 days. If either party wishes to dispute the amount they can appeal to an employment tribunal.

What you must do

As an employer, you no longer have to work with a union that’s been derecognised.

You must continue to work with a union if the CAC have refused the application for derecognition. You cannot reapply for the union to be derecognised for 3 years.