Data requests from DVLA

Certain companies and buyers can request specialist vehicle data from DVLA, including the ‘bulk data set’, ‘anonymised data set’ and vehicle mileage data.

You can also ask DVLA for information about your vehicle or another vehicle and its registered keeper if you have a ‘reasonable cause’.

Bulk data

DVLA can provide certain companies with the ‘bulk data set’, which contains 47 different information fields about a vehicle. These companies can provide a vehicle checking service to the public and the motor trade.

Anonymised data

DVLA provides certain companies with the ‘anonymised data set’, mainly used for marketing purposes, and containing vehicle identifying information including make, model and partial postcode.

Mileage data

DVLA provides certain companies with mileage data to help buyers check a vehicle’s mileage.

How to make a request

You must fill in a data request form if you’re asking DVLA for new data or want to make changes to an existing data sharing process.

You must explain:

  • what data you need
  • why you need it
  • how you plan to use and store it

Email your completed form to:

Data Sharing Strategy and Compliance Team