What we do

The Business List contains three separate sub-lists:

  • business
  • financial services
  • regulatory and pensions business.


We deal with a wide range business disputes, often with an international dimension. Frequently these concern a business structure (company, LLP, LP, partnership etc) including:

  • claims against directors for breach of fiduciary duty (the responsibility to take care of other people’s money)
  • disputes about contractual arrangements between investors, such as share purchase agreements
  • claims in tort, such as conspiracy or fraud, claims for professional negligence (e.g. against solicitors, accountants, surveyors, valuers)
  • claims for breach of contract, specific performance, rectification and injunctive relief as well as other equitable remedies.

Financial Services and Regulatory:

  • financial claims where the Financial Conduct Authority is a party
  • claims under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000
  • claims involving regulators (other than the Pensions Regulator)


  • Covers all claims where pensions are the subject matter of the dispute.

Who we are

We are a specialist court within the Business and Property Courts of the High Court of Justice.

We are based at the Rolls Building in London, as well as in the five regional Business and Property Courts centres.

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7 Rolls Building
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020 7947 7783

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