What the Insolvency List does

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The Insolvency and Companies List was formerly known as the Bankruptcy Court.

Includes information from the withdrawn LOC006 guidance.

We handle petitions to bankrupt individuals living in London where a creditor has made the petition and is owed £50,000 or more.

If the petition is less than this amount and the debtor lives in London then it will be heard by the Central London County Court based at the Thomas More Building in the Royal Courts of Justice. Petitions where the debtor lives outside of London will be heard by a local county court.

Other petitions that we handle include:

  • those brought by creditors where the debtor has no fixed abode
  • applications by undischarged bankrupts for permission to act as a company director
  • applications to set aside statutory demands where the debt is £50,000 or more

We don’t deal with petitions to declare yourself bankrupt.

Who we are

We are a specialist court within the Business and Property Courts of the High Court of Justice.

We are based at the Rolls Building in London. Cases at the Rolls Building are heard by one of 5 Insolvency and Companies Court judges.

Court information

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General Enquiries

The Rolls Building
7 Rolls Building
Fetter Lane
United Kingdom

DX160040 Strand 4

Opening hours and facilities:

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020 7947 6731

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020 7947 6294

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