What we do

We handle complex and high value national and international business disputes, often involving parties based outside the United Kingdom. We are widely recognised as being at the forefront in the resolution of international commercial disputes.

Cases that we hear include disputes arising in relation to:

  • commercial contracts and business documents
  • insurance and reinsurance matters
  • financial instruments including derivatives, bonds, securities and investment funds
  • import, export and transport (‘carriage’) of goods
  • London arbitration proceedings and appeals against arbitral awards
  • banking and financial services
  • agency and management agreements
  • shipping and aviation matters
  • recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards

We generally hear complex cases, or cases where there is a large amount at stake. We also have a specialist Financial List which deals with claims related to the financial markets and of market significance. All matters in this list are heard by judges with particular experience in determining disputes in the financial markets.

Who we are

We’re a specialist court, part of the Business and Property Courts of the High Court of Justice. We have 13 specialist judges, each with a background in commercial disputes. The Commercial Court has an impressive history, established over 125 years ago to resolve business disputes in the City of London. Since then, it has remained a leading forum for commercial dispute resolution.

We’re based at the Rolls Building in London. Trials and procedural hearings are heard by one Commercial Court judge. Given the deep expertise of the judges, commercial parties from around the world choose to resolve their disputes before the Commercial Court.

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