County court judgments for debt

If you do not owe the money - cancel the judgment

If you do not owe the money, you can ask the court to cancel the county court judgment (CCJ) or high court judgment. This is known as getting the judgment ‘set aside’.

You can do this if you did not receive, or did not respond to, the original claim from the court saying you owed the money.

Apply to get the judgment set aside

To get a judgment set aside, fill in the [application notice (N244)],(/government/publications/form-n244-application-notice) and send it to the court.

You may have to pay a court fee of £255.

You’ll have to go to a private hearing at the court to explain why you do not owe the money.

If you do not go to the hearing, your application will be rejected and you’ll have to pay the amount in the judgment.