County court judgments for debt

CCJs and your credit rating

If you get a county court judgment (CCJ) or a high court judgment, it will stay on the Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines for 6 years.

Banks and loan companies use this information to decide whether to give you credit or loans.

If you pay within a month

If you pay the full amount within a month you can get the judgment removed from the register.

If you pay after a month

If you pay after a month, you can get the record of the judgment marked as ‘satisfied’ in the register.

It will stay on the register for 6 years but people searching the register will see that you’ve paid.

Contact the court to say you’ve paid - you’ll need to send proof of payment, and pay a £15 court fee.

Search the register of judgments

You can search for details of any judgments against you on the register of judgments.

You’ll have to pay a small fee - each search costs between £4 and £10.

If the information on the register is wrong, contact Trust Online, who will check the details with the court:

Trust Online
153-157 Cleveland Street