You’ll get a letter or email if someone claims you owe them money. You must respond by the date on the email or letter you receive.

Follow the instructions in the email or letter. You should respond in the same way that the claim was made, for example you should respond online if the claim was made online.

The process is different in Scotland.

Ways to respond

You can:

  • pay the full amount
  • offer to pay a different amount (if you think you owe less than the claim amount)
  • defend the claim (if you do not think you owe any money)

If you offer to pay a different amount and it’s rejected, you might have to give more information at a hearing.

You can ask for another 14 days to respond if you are not paying the full amount. You might have to pay more or get a county court judgment (CCJ) if you do not respond in time.

You can also make a claim against them (‘counterclaim’) if you think they owe you money. You might have to pay a court fee.