Non-disclosure of paid endorsements (social media)

Social Chain has agreed undertakings that will ensure all advertising it posts or arranges will be clearly labelled or identified.

Case closed

11 August 2016: Between March and July 2015, Social Chain used its own social media accounts, and arranged for widely followed social media personalities, to promote films, games and takeaway and dating apps, without readers being informed that the content was paid-for advertising.

These adverts may have been difficult for readers to distinguish from other posts, conversations and jokes they appeared alongside. After the issue was raised with Social Chain, it agreed undertakings that will ensure that all advertising that Social Chain posts or arranges will be clearly labelled or identified so that it is distinguishable from other content found on social media.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has also written to 15 businesses that used the services of Social Chain, and 43 social media personalities that published content for Social Chain, to warn them that arranging or publishing advertising that is not clearly labelled may result in them breaching the law.


Team leader

Mark Pratt (, 020 3738 6663)

Project director

Jon Riley (, 020 3738 6143)

Senior responsible officer

Nisha Arora (, 020 3738 6853)

Published 11 August 2016