1. How to claim

If you’re new to tax credits you can order a claim form by either:

It takes up to 2 weeks for the form to arrive.

You don’t need a claim form to tell the Tax Credit Office about a change in your circumstances.

You can apply for tax credits as a single person or as a couple (known as a ‘joint claim’).

You can’t claim tax credits and Universal Credit at the same time.

When you call

Before you’re sent the form, you’ll be asked for certain information and given an estimate of how much you’ll get. You may be asked for:

  • your National Insurance number (if you have one)
  • your income for the last tax year
  • details of any benefits you get
  • details of any childcare payments
  • the number of hours you work per week

You could be fined up to £3,000 if you give wrong information carelessly or on purpose.

Where to send the form

The address is on the form. If you claim benefits you can give it to your Jobcentre Plus, or Social Security Office if you live in Northern Ireland.

Get help with your application

You’ll be sent guidance notes with your claim form. You can also get help from the Tax Credit Helpline, your benefits office or an organisation like Citizens Advice.

Someone else can call the helpline to get general advice on your behalf, but they’ll need to apply for authorisation to discuss your claim. If you want them to manage your payments, they’ll have to become an ‘appointee’.