Child Benefit tax calculator

How many children are you claiming Child Benefit for?

Which tax year are you claiming for?

Tax years run from 6 April to 5 April the following year.

Are you claiming for only a part of the tax year for any of your children?

How many children do you want to claim only a part of the tax year for?

Enter the Child Benefit start and stop dates:

  • you can find the start date on your Child Benefit award notice
  • the stop date is usually when a child turns 16 or leaves full-time education

Child 1

Start date for child 1
Stop date for child 1 (optional)
Enter your income details for the tax year (optional):

You can get some of this information from your P60, P11D, employer or tax adviser. If you're not sure what income to include, phone the Income Tax helpline to find out if you have to pay the Child Benefit tax charge.

You must:

  • use your partner’s income if it’s higher than yours
  • not combine your household income
Enter details of any allowable deductions (optional):