Set up an MOT test station

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Apply for authorised examiner status

You need an authorised examiner (AE) to set up an MOT test station. The AE can be an individual, partnership or company.

AE status does not transfer with a business. If you’re buying an existing MOT station, you need to apply for AE status in your own right.

How to apply

Send form VT01 to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The address is on the form.

Use the same form if you already have AE status and want to open a test station.

The application form has guidance notes explaining the information you need to include. There is no fee.

If your application is refused, DVSA will write to you - you can appeal the decision and ask for a hearing by writing to DVSA within 14 days.

When you must reapply

You must reapply for AE status if your company is reconstructed in a way that means it’s given a new company registration number.