Set up an MOT test station

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What you need to set up and start testing

You must meet a number of legal requirements if you want to set up an MOT test station.

Set up the test station

You need:

The AE is an individual, partnership or company authorised by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The AE is responsible for making sure that:

  • MOT tests are properly conducted
  • the test facilities and equipment are checked and well-maintained
  • MOT documents are correctly stored and access to electronic MOT test systems is only given to eligible users
  • the MOT testers are assessed correctly and complete training and assessments
  • DVSA staff have access to the premises for checks on staff and equipment
  • DVSA is informed about significant changes to the business within 7 working days

Start MOT testing

Before you can carry out MOT testing you also need:

  • an MOT business manager (sometimes called an ‘AE designated manager’) who is in charge of all MOT testing by your business
  • an MOT tester approved for the vehicle classes you want to test

The MOT business manager must have taken an approved course, for example the former 2-day DVSA course or a level 3 award in MOT Test Centre Management.

Find an MOT manager qualification course and book it with the course provider.

You have to pay to take the course. The price is set by the course provider.