Approved driving instructor (ADI) fees

Approved driving instructor (ADI) test and registration fees are set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Fees for driving instructor training vary and are set by training organisations.

ADI qualifying test fees

You have to pass the qualifying tests before you register as an ADI with DVSA.

Fee type Cost
ADI part 1 test £81
ADI part 2 test £111
ADI part 3 test £111

You have to pay the full amount again if you do not pass any of the tests, and want to take another one.

ADI registration and licence fees

You have to pay a fee to join the ADI register, get a trainee licence and renew your registration every 4 years.

Fee type Cost
First ADI certificate (or ‘badge’) £300
Trainee driving instructor licence £140
Renewal or re-registration £300
Replacement ADI certificate (or ‘badge’) £3

There are different fees for taking the ADI qualifying tests and registering in Northern Ireland.

Pass Plus instructor fees

You have to pay a fee to register as a Pass Plus instructor. You also have to pay for any refill packs you need.

Fee type Cost
Pass Plus starter pack £37
Pass Plus refill pack £29

DVSA special test fee

As an ADI, you can take the DVSA special test if you want your skills tested to the highest standard.

Fee type Cost
DVSA car special test £144

Fleet driver trainer

As an ADI, you can join the register of fleet driver trainers if you have passed your fleet driver training qualification.

Fee type Cost
Registration £120
Renewal £120
Replacement fleet certificate (or ‘badge’) £3.60

Official register of driving instructor trainers (ORDIT)

As an ADI, you can take ORDIT qualifications if you want to train people to become driving instructors.

Fee type Cost
Qualifying assessment £151.20
Registration with one training organisation £120
Registration with each extra training organisation you work for £18
ORDIT trainer reassessment £151.20
Replacement ORDIT certificate (or ‘badge’) £3