Renew your approved driving instructor (ADI) registration

Use this service to:

  • renew your approved driving instructor (ADI) registration if it runs out this month - you cannot renew earlier
  • re-register as an ADI if your registration ran out in the last 12 months

This service is available from 6am to 11:30pm.

Start now

Before you start

You need:

  • your online user ID from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)
  • your password
  • a criminal record disclosure number - you must have got this within the last 6 months
  • your driving licence number (if you’re giving DVSA permission to use your photocard photo)
  • a credit or debit card to pay the £300 fee

It normally takes around 3 months to get your criminal record disclosure number after you’ve applied for it, but it can take longer.

If you have a paper driving licence

If you have an old-style paper driving licence you’ll also need:

  • to print the final screen and send it to DVSA
  • a passport-sized photo with your ADI personal reference number written on the back

Your user ID and password

Your user ID can be found on all letters sent to you by DVSA. It’s not the same as your ADI personal reference number.

Email DVSA if you’ve never had, or have lost, your user ID. You must include your:

  • ADI number or driving licence number
  • date of birth
  • postcode

Rules for passwords

Your password must be at least 9 characters long. It must include at least 3 of these 4 types of characters:

  • uppercase letters
  • lowercase letters
  • numbers
  • special characters (eg £, %, &)

You cannot use any of your 5 previously used passwords.

Help with your application

Email DVSA if you have any problems applying online.

There’s a different process to renew your ADI registration in Northern Ireland.