Get a criminal record check to continue being a driving instructor

You must get a criminal record check if you’re an approved driving instructor (ADI) and want to renew your registration.

You cannot use one you have already - you must get a new one.

There’s a different service to get a criminal record check to become a driving instructor for the first time.

Follow these steps to complete the Online Disclosures service form:

  1. Enter ‘DVSA’ into the ‘organisation’ field.

  2. Ask for an ADI criminal record check activation email in the ‘your message’ field (include your ADI number).

You can find your ADI number on any letter or email you’ve been sent by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Start now

Before you start

You can apply for your criminal record check up to 6 months before your ADI registration expires.

It usually takes around 3 months to arrive, but can take longer.

What happens next

You’ll get an email with the details you need to continue applying for your criminal record check online.

  1. Complete the online application and print a copy.

  2. Take the right documents to a Post Office that offers the ‘CRB and ID verification service’. This costs £8.22.

  3. You’ll be sent your criminal record check by post. Use the reference number when you renew your ADI registration.

What to take to the Post Office

Take the page with the barcodes from the printed copy of your online application.

You also need to take 3 of the following documents:

  • your passport
  • your driving licence
  • a utility bill that’s less than 3 months old
  • a bank statement that’s less than 3 months old

They must be originals, not copies.

There’s a different way to get a criminal record check to renew your ADI registration in Northern Ireland.