Apply for a divorce

You can use this service to apply for a divorce in England and Wales.

You can only use the online service if your divorce case can be handled in England and Wales. Get legal advice if you’re not sure.

You can only use this service to apply for a divorce for yourself.

This service is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg).

It costs £550 to apply online or by post.

You must apply by post if:

  • you want to end a civil partnership
  • your husband or wife has a solicitor acting for them

Solicitors can apply online using a MyHMCTS account.

The process is different in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Apply for a divorce

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Before you apply

To apply for a divorce you’ll need:

  • your husband or wife’s full name and address
  • your original marriage certificate or a certified copy (and a certified translation if it’s not in English)
  • proof of your name change if you changed it since you got married - for example your marriage certificate or a deed poll

Help applying online

Courts and Tribunals Service Centre
Telephone: 0300 303 0642
Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
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Apply by post

You can apply for a divorce by post by downloading and filling in a divorce application form D8 (‘divorce petition’).