MyHMCTS: online case management for legal professionals

How to create a MyHMCTS organisation account to create, manage, submit and pay for online cases.


MyHMCTS is an online case management tool for solicitors and other legal professionals managed by HM Courts and Tribunals (HMCTS). It allows you to submit, pay for and manage online case applications for:

  • probate
  • divorce
  • financial remedy
  • family public law order
  • immigration and asylum appeals

Before you start

You will need an HMCTS Payment by Account (PBA) number. This is required to pay your court fees in MyHMCTS.

Confirm your organisation is not already registered with MyHMCTS by checking with your team or other colleagues. You can also get help with MyHMCTS.

Create a MyHMCTS account for your organisation

Before creating an account, you will need:

  • your organisation’s PBA number
  • DX reference number for the main office, if you have one
  • your organisation’s Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) ID – chartered accountants do not need this
  • The name and work email of someone at your organisation to be the MyHMCTS account administrator – the account administrator will be responsible for creating and managing MyHMCTS users at your organisation

If you use your name and email you will become the MyHMCTS account administrator. The account administrator can be changed after the account is created. Organisations can have more than one account administrator.

Create an organisation MyHMCTS account

What happens next

We’ll send you an approval confirmation email within 3 working days once we have verified the application.

We will also send the MyHMCTS account administrator a password creation request email for them to finish setting up the account. The email will come from

They must create their password within 20 days. If the password is not created in time, you can get help with MyHMCTS. They should check their junk email or spam folder if it has not arrived.

Problems with the registration

If there’s a problem with your MyHMCTS organisation registration, we will contact the email address provided. You can also get help with MyHMCTS.

Get access to submit an application

You cannot create an account for yourself. If you have tried to register and have been told that the SRA ID or PBA number is already in use, then you must contact your MyHMCTS account administrator.

Once your organisation has created a MyHMCTS account administrator, that administrator creates and manages accounts for everyone at your organisation.

If you are unable to find your MyHMCTS account administrator, you can get help with MyHMCTS.

Submit an application online with MyHMCTS

For MyHMCTS account administrators – adding users

Only MyHMCTS account administrators can add users.

Once you have added a user, they will receive a password creation request email to finish setting up the account. They must create their password within 20 days. If the password is not created in time please contact us to get help with MyHMCTS.

Add new MyHMCTS users

Get help with MyHMCTS


We aim to respond within 5 working days.

Submitting an application and case management guidance

Published 22 October 2020