Get a UK background check so that you can apply for the Global Entry scheme.

Global Entry gets you through border control faster at some airports in the USA. You won’t have to fill in paperwork when you arrive in the USA. Some airlines will also let you use faster security screening when you leave the USA.

You must be a British citizen to use this service. If you pass the background checks, you’ll be invited to apply for Global Entry.

Start now

Before you start

Check that the airports you want to use are in the Global Entry scheme.

To register you need:

  • your passport (the photo page must say ‘British citizen’)
  • a debit or credit card to pay the £42 registration fee

You won’t get a refund if you fail the UK background check. If you pass the check, you’ll have to pay $100 when you apply to use Global Entry for 5 years.

You can register for someone else if you have their permission. You must have parental responsibility for them if they’re under 18.