Boeing 757-28A, G-TCBA, 12 June 2010

Boeing 757-28A, G-TCBA


The aircraft began to leak fuel from the left engine while it was cruising at FL360. The flight crew diagnosed the fuel leak and cross-fed fuel to the left wing to correct the imbalance but the fuel leak continued. The commander made a PAN call and the aircraft was cleared to make an approach to Runway 26L at Gatwick Airport with no speed or altitude constraints, following which the aircraft landed normally. Subsequent investigation by the operator’s maintenance engineers traced the source of the fuel leak to a pipe coupling at the HP fuel pump on the left engine. Further detailed investigation into the fuel leak was not possible as the seals removed from the aircraft were discarded, rather than being retained as is required by the operator’s engineering organisation’s procedures.

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Published 10 December 2014