Boeing 737-33A, G-CELC, 7 February 2010

Boeing 737-33A, G-CELC


The flight crew were carrying out an ILS approach to Chambery Airport, in IMC, with the autopilot engaged and the LOC (localiser) and VS (vertical speed) modes selected. The crew reported that they had observed some anomalies with the ILS and DME information before and during the approach. Final descent, at a high rate of descent, was initiated from an altitude of 5,000 ft, with the aircraft established on the localiser but two dots below the glideslope. At a range of 8.6 nm from the runway and at 1,125 ft agl, an EGPWS Mode 2 Terrain and Pull Up warning activated. The co-pilot had just initiated a go-around and the pitch attitude was increased to a maximum value of 32.7º nose up. The aircraft climbed clear of terrain, returned to the holding fix and a second approach was carried out successfully.

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Published 10 December 2014