Boeing 757-236, G-OOOZ, 22 June 2009

Boeing 757-236, G-OOOZ


Approximately two hours into the flight, during a routine fuel check, the flight crew noticed a discrepancy in the fuel contents between the left and right tanks. They identified a fuel leak from the right engine, which was then shut down. The aircraft diverted to Porto Santo and landed without further incident. The passengers disembarked normally. An investigation was initiated by the Gabinete de Prevencao e Investigacao de Acidentes com Aeronaves (GPIAA) in Portugal. However, as the United Kingdom was the State of the Operator and the State of Design of the engine, the investigation was delegated to, and conducted by, the AAIB. The cause of the fuel leak was a rupture in a section of flexible fuel pipe between the Fuel Cooled Oil Cooler (FCOC) and the High Pressure (HP) engine fuel pump. A redesign of the pipe is proposed by the manufacturer.

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Published 10 December 2014