Boeing 767-39H, G-OOAN, 13 December 2008

Boeing 767-39H, G-OOAN


The aircraft was scheduled to fly from Manchester Airport, to Montego Bay, Jamaica. During the takeoff roll, the V1 call was delayed by the commander, who was the pilot not flying, by about 10-15 kt due to a “sluggish” acceleration, as he thought the aircraft might be heavier than calculated. During the rotation the TAILSKID message illuminated momentarily indicating that the aircraft had suffered a tailstrike during the takeoff. The commander applied full power, shortly there after the stick shaker activated briefly. The aircraft continued to climb away and accelerate before the flaps were retracted and the after takeoff check list completed. The Quick Reference Handbook (QRH) was subsequently actioned, fuel dumped and the aircraft returned to Manchester for an overweight landing without further incident. The zero fuel weight (ZFW) had been incorrectly entered into the operator’s Computer Take Off Programme (CTOP) instead of the takeoff weight (TOW). This generated significantly slower takeoff speeds than required for the actual weight of the aircraft.

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Published 10 December 2014