Boeing 757-204,G-BYAO, 22 October 2006

This occurred on 22 October 2006, Over North Sea/London Stansted Airport, Essex.

Boeing 757-204, G-BYAO


Shortly after reaching cruise altitude on a scheduled passenger flight from Newcastle to Larnaca, a blue haze was observed in the passenger cabin. A precautionary diversion was made to London Stansted, where an emergency evacuation was carried out successfully. One cabin crew member initially had difficulty in opening the rear cabin doors, due to insufficient force being used. The blue haze could not be reproduced on initial investigation, which included engine ground runs. A planned post-maintenance proving flight was aborted during the takeoff roll when smoke entered the flight deck and cabin. Further investigation, which included ground runs at higher engine power settings, identified the source of the smoke to be the No 2 (right) engine. The cause was determined to be a fractured No 1 bearing floating seal ring, which had allowed engine oil to leak into the compressor airflow path and to be ingested into the bleed air system, which provides air to the cabin air conditioning system. Two Safety Recommendations are made.

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Safety Recommendation Document: Boeing 757-204, G-BYAO

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Published 10 December 2014