Boeing 757-236, G-BMRE, 30 July 2005

Boeing 757-236, G-BMRE


The aircraft had been positioned at Nottingham East Midlands Airport early in the morning of 30 July 2005, following which various maintenance activities took place, including changing the No 3 wheel brake unit. The aircraft subsequently took off to fly training circuits but, on the second touch-and-go, the Control Tower advised the crew that flames were seen to be coming from the right main landing gear. The captain elected to continue the touch-and-go and to fly a circuit with the landing gear down, as he was concerned about stopping the aircraft in the runway distance remaining. After a successful landing, the aircraft was brought to a stop on the runway and inspected by the fire service, prior to being towed to a stand. The fire was later attributed to a failure in the No 3 brake unit. This was caused by the end cap of the brake torque rod not being refitted during the maintenance activity, thus allowing one end of the brake torque rod to become detached and scrape along the ground during the landing. The brake unit rotated with the wheel during the rollout, causing damage to the wheel, severance of the brake hose and damage to the brake temperature monitoring components.

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Published 10 December 2014