Airbus A330-243, G-OMYT, 24 June 2013

Aborted takeoff following right engine power loss, Manchester Airport, 24 June 2013

Airbus A330-243, G-OMYT


At approximately 105 kt on a takeoff roll on Runway 23R at Manchester, the right engine failed, emitting a flash and smoke from the exhaust. The crew quickly established that there was a loss of power and aborted the takeoff, brought the aircraft to an emergency stop on the runway and taxied clear using the unaffected left engine. Inspection of the right engine revealed there had been a failure of a single HP turbine blade which had detached, resulting in a high power engine surge and further secondary damage to the IP and LP turbines and nozzles. The blade failure was caused by high cycle fatigue (HCF) crack propagation with crack initiation resulting from ‘Type 2 sulphidation’ corrosion.

An addendum was issued concerning this report in the February 2015 Bulletin.

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Airbus A330-243, G-OMYT 12-13 incl addendum

Published 10 December 2014